Get the Energy You Need with Pre- and Post-Workout Meals

Exercise not only helps you feel good, but it is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle that benefits every part of your body. However, in order to sustain quality workouts, it is important to properly fuel your body before, during and after you exercise. As a company that specializes in exercise equipment, Fitness Blowout understands the importance of workout meals and provides the following tips.

Exercise meals are your workout fuel

The foods you eat contain three crucial macronutrients: carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Each of these gives your body the energy it needs for exercise: carbohydrates are your body’s main source of energy, which is why many athletes load up on these prior to training; fat helps to fuel your body; protein helps your body to repair muscle tears after a workout.

Pre-exercise eating tips

When it comes to eating before you work out, a high-carbohydrate, low-fat snack is ideal. You want to avoid fatty foods, since they will stay in your stomach for longer periods of time. Also, drink lots of fluid so that you are hydrated before your workout. Depending upon the intensity of your routine and the length of time you spend on it, you should wait between 30 minutes to two hours after eating to exercise. Keep in mind that the larger the meal, the longer you should wait before starting.

Fueling yourself during a workout

While working out, you should drink water to keep yourself hydrated. You can also take a few sips of a protein shake or carb drink, but keep the drink watery since you don’t want to consume a large number of calories while exercising.

Post-exercise eating tips

A post-workout meal should be consumed immediately after your routine. You should eat foods that are rich in carbohydrates in order to replenish your body. Protein is also important, as it will help rebuild any tissues damaged during your workout. Also, drink plenty of water to rehydrate your body.

While these tips are meant to help, keep in mind that everyone has a unique digestive system, so you may have to experiment and see what works best for you. A good way to figure out which foods enhance your performance is by keeping a food and exercise diary. Simply write down what you ate and when and how you felt while working out. You’ll start to notice patterns and be able to adjust your diet accordingly.

Tips for Selecting the Best Workout Clothing

You already know the importance of regular physical activity and the many health benefits it provides. But, do you also know about the correlation between what you wear and how you perform? Fitness clothing is designed to allow your body to perform different exercises and maximize your workout potential. Also, just putting on the proper workout attire can make your workout more efficient, more enjoyable and motivate you to exercise more regularly. 

But, how do you know what clothing to wear to help meet your workout needs? Fitness Blowout provides useful reviews of what you should take into account when picking out exercise clothing.

What types of exercises do you do?
You’ll want to select clothing that suits the exercises you do and your level of activity. Whether you enjoy running, yoga or weight lifting, you need clothing that enables you to perform these workouts without restricting you or making you feel uncomfortable.

Buy flexible fabrics
Regardless of the type of exercise, you will need clothing that allows you to bend and move your body in different ways. Again, you don’t want to restrict yourself or else you won’t get the full benefits of the workout.

Pay attention to fit
In addition to buying flexible fabrics, pick clothing that suits your body image. You may prefer clothing that is loose and covers most of your frame, or you may like fitted outfits that hug your figure.

Choose clothes that you find attractive
While it is important to buy clothing that fits you and is designed for specific activities, you also want to feel good while you exercise. And just because something is appropriate for a workout shouldn’t mean that it’s one of the ugliest things you’ve ever seen. Avoid colors you wouldn’t normally wear and designs that you would usually scoff at. Shop around until you find something that fits your personal style and also provides for your practical needs. You’ll be more motivated to work out if you aren’t ashamed to be seen in your outfit.

Wear the right footwear
While a good workout shirt and pants are important, it is crucial to choose the right shoes. You’ll want to select footwear that is easy on your feet, that fits properly, and that you don’t have to break in first. Make sure that the shoes have good traction and lots of support, as well.

Wear the right protective gear
If your workout calls for protective gear (e.g. a helmet, if you are riding a bike), don’t avoid wearing it. Your safety is important and you want to avoid injury at all costs. Also, pick clothing that covers your body adequately for the activity and is made of durable materials.


Fitness Blowout Provides You with an Elliptical Buying Guide

Are you looking to buy an elliptical to enhance your at-home gym workout? It’s more than understandable that you’re interested in one. An elliptical offers the advantages of stair climbing, cross country skiing, and running, all at low impact. In addition, you’ll burn calories faster than on other workout machines like treadmills or bikes.

While buying an elliptical may seem easy, you may not realize the many things you’ll have to take into account — it’s remarkably similar to buying a car. You’ll want an elliptical that is of good quality, meets your fitness needs, and is within your price range, among other factors. This is why you should carefully research your options to ensure that you don’t regret the purchase later.

 Fitness Blowout

Below is an elliptical buying guide from the experts at Fitness Blowout that will help you make a purchase that’s suited to your needs.

Size of the elliptical
Since you will be using the elliptical at home, you should measure the area where it will be placed to make sure it will fit. Remember to take ceiling height and distance from other equipment into account when measuring. Most ellipticals are 6 x 2.5 feet, but there are smaller versions.

Comfort of the machine
Ellipticals have hand grips for you to hold onto while you work out, as well as foot pedals. Check the material of the grips and length of the pedals to ensure that you will be comfortable when using the machine.

Easy operation
There’s nothing more frustrating than purchasing a fitness machine only to have a hard time understanding how to use it. Granted, you will have a guide, but exercising should be about the physical workout and should not feel like rocket science. Take a look at reviews of products online and avoid ellipticals that have given a lot of people trouble.

Program features
Most gym equipment now is designed for compatibility with electronic devices. If you like to listen to music while working out, whether on your iPod or phone, you should check if the elliptical is equipped for it.

Shipping and warranty
Paying for anything online can get pricey because of shipping costs but, luckily, there are some sites like Fitness Blowout that don’t charge to deliver. Also, make sure your purchase comes with a warranty that will protect you in the event that there are any defects or problems with the elliptical.

Stop with the Complaints and Get the Most Out of Your Treadmill Workout

At Fitness Blowout, we are about more than just selling gym and workout equipment. We’re also here to offer you useful tips to help you get the most out of your workout. Whether you want to tone up, lose weight or gain muscle, we have the equipment to make it happen.


Treadmills are a commonly used type of exercise equipment. It’s easy to use, not as intense as other gym equipment, and you can run at any time, despite what the weather is like outside. But, if you’re beginning to feel like walking just isn’t doing it anymore and you’re not seeing the results you want, it may be how you’re using the treadmill, not just the treadmill itself.
Below are simple tips to help you get the most of your treadmill work out.


Do intervals

To keep yourself from being bored of just walking on the treadmill, do intervals. You can do this many different ways. You can increase the speed and/or incline for a set amount of time throughout your work out. For example, if you want decide to use the treadmill for 30 minutes, every five minutes increase the speed by five mph, do an intense jog for three minutes at that speed, and then return to the starting speed. You can also step off the treadmill and dedicate time to stretching your body, or do another small workout, such as a set of jumping jacks, or pushups.


Gradually increase your starting speed and time

After using the treadmill and jogging for so long, your body will become used to the speed and the time you spend running. Keep track of you duration of time spent on the treadmill and at what speed you jog. Over time, gradually increase the time spent on it and the speed. This will challenge your body to bump it up.


Raise the incline
To increase the intensity of your workout, raise the incline. You can do this throughout your work out, or gradually raise the incline over time. The best part of raising the incline is that you don’t even need to raise the speed.


Don’t hold onto the handles – pump your arms
As the treadmill works out parts of your body, you can add more to your work out by pumping your arms and avoid holding onto the handles. Holding onto the handles prevents you from getting the most out of your work out.


Additionally, to make your work out more fun and help you stick to you, use the treadmill while listening to music, or put a television nearby and watch your favorite show while you work out. These are two simple yet very effective ways to distract you from looking at how long you’ve been on the treadmill.


Fitness Blowout knows how easy is it to pitch a complaint about gym equipment that you feel just isn’t doing it. Make sure you’re using your treadmill to the fullest and getting the most out of your workout.

Weight Loss Surgery: Who Needs it?

Obesity in America has reached epidemic proportions. Fad diets are ineffective and our sedentary lifestyles combined with the proliferation of fast food and processed food has contributed to this epidemic. For some, gastric surgery can be the solution to the problem of morbid obesity.

Gastric surgery began as a cancer treatment. Cancer patients needed parts of their stomach or intestines removed in order to remove cancerous regions; surgeons quickly realized that a similar surgery could be used for weight reduction and thousands of obese individuals have benefited from the procedure, although it has been refined over the decades.

For many, weight reduction surgery has been the answer to their obesity dilemma. Unfortunately, weight loss surgery is not for everyone. For those who need to lose ten, twenty or thirty pounds, it is not the answer. However, for the morbidly obese who have been unsuccessful in other weight reduction efforts, weight reduction surgery can help them achieve a healthy weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. All conventional weight loss methods such as counting calories, controlled meal plans, counseling, and so forth, should have been exhausted before undergoing weight reduction surgery.

If you fall into the category of people desperately seeking to lose weight, but are not a potential candidate for weight loss surgery, can help you reach your goals! Trying to diet and exercise can be exceptionally difficult, especially as older habits are harder to break. One of the largest contributing factors in weight loss, however, is changing your environment. Fitness Blowout offers several tips on how to be a better you, but more importantly they give you the power to construct an environment that is conducive to getting in shape.

fffffffFitness Blowout sells the highest quality exercise equipment at a price that anyone can afford, making it simple to turn your home or garage into a personal gym. Getting inspired to work out is easy when you don’t have to pay a membership or drive an hour away to start your regimen. If you are looking to leave obesity behind you starting today, contact the experts at Fitness Blowout and find the best possible place to begin!

Keep Your Sense of Smell Through Exercise?

Yet another study shows that exercise can help improve your life. We’re already aware that exercise controls weight, combats disease, improves mood, boosts energy, and enhances your sleep and sex life. Now, recent research is showing that regular exercise helps protect your sense of smell, as well.


All of our senses (sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing) begin to weaken naturally as we age. Studies have been conducted over the years to find ways to keep our senses intact as we mature and, although there have been some preventative measures found for hearing and sight, little has been found about how to protect our sense of smell — until now that is. 


Importance of Smell



Many people think that smell is only used to detect pleasing and unpleasing scents (and to tell us when the sandwich meat has gone off), but that’s far from the truth. Scent is one of our strongest links to memory of people and places in our brains. Certain scents will trigger emotions that bring us back to certain times and places, with all of the recollections that go along with it. 


Details of the Study


1,600 people between the ages of 53 and 97 were followed over the course of 10 years. Participants were examined prior to the study and, at the time, did not to have any problems with their sense of smell. Eight smells were used as measuring tools at three times throughout the study, according to the research findings published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). Researchers also recorded the exercise habits of the participants during the ten year-long project.


Findings of Research


According to the results published in JAMA, “participants who reported exercising at least once a week long enough to work up a sweat had a decreased risk of olfactory impairment.” Researchers are uncertain as to what the link between exercise and smell is; however, it is clear that there is some correlation. Some believe that the increased blood flow caused by exercise may help in some way.


Taking steps to remain healthy and active is important to living a long, happy life. Fitness Blowout has no complaints about this study because they are aware of the benefits of daily exercise. There are many ways to incorporate fitness into your life and finding something that interests you is much easier than you may think.