Fitness Blowout President and CEO, Jim Rosen

Fitness Blowout may be the #1 Fitness Equipment Dealer in the Country, but it would never have existed without the hard work and dedication of Jim Rosen. The Founder and CEO of Fitness Blowout had a lifelong passion for fitness that began at the early age of 7. As a child, Rosen was enthralled when he first discovered the incredible benefits of exercise. He tried his hand at every sport available and loved nothing more than to exercise, even into adulthood.

Rosen’s love for physical fitness led him to taking a job as a personal fitness trainer to help others get in shape. He knew that if he could make exercising and working out as enjoyable for others as it was for himself, that he would be able to play a part in the battle against obesity, heart disease, and other medical issues. In 1985, after graduating from UCLA, he decided to dedicate his life to helping people live longer, healthier and happier lives with his state of the art fitness equipment.

To realize his goal, Jim opened a unique personal training gym and fitness equipment showroom. Fitness enthusiasts loved Rosen’s idea, making the gym extremely popular and an instant success. He was able to provide people with health club quality equipment at very affordable prices, enabling more people to squeeze exercise into their busy schedules by conveniently exercising at home. Helping his local community was only the beginning, however. Jim wanted to make sure his business could aid anyone, no matter where they lived.

In the late 1990s, Jim was one of the early pioneers of internet marketing. He quickly learned that he could expand his mission and now help millions of people worldwide improve their health. Creating a fitness equipment website,, Jim took his first steps toward becoming the most successful, customer oriented business website for fitness equipment. To date, Jim and his team of fitness experts have outfitted over 200,000 commercial and residential gyms for their very satisfied Fitness Blowout customers.