Fitness Blowout Product Review: The FreeMotion® 790 Interactive Treadmill

Are you looking for the right tools to finally drop that extra weight and get fit or further improve your impressive physique? Staying in shape is a constant process; a lifestyle that requires the appropriate equipment to maintain. External factors, such as extreme heat in the summer or snowfall in the winter, constantly act as roadblocks on the path to a better body and mind. If you’re going to reach your goal, you’ll need to take matters into your own hands. What better way to ensure a healthier lifestyle than investing in the brand new FreeMotion® 790 Interactive Treadmill?

The FreeMotion® 790 Interactive Treadmill is unlike any piece of equipment you’ve used in the past. With a motor and track that can support over 300 lbs., speeds reaching up to 12mph, and an incline range from -3% to 15% you may already find yourself impressed by the wide variety of options available. The benefits of owning this machine don’t stop there, however. The FreeMotion® 790 also comes with 9 preset high intensity workout plans, a built in reading rack, a 15” television attachment, and a 10” touchscreen. No longer worry about missing your favorite television show, or wonder exactly how far you’ve run. Everything from your speed, calorie loss, to distance is displayed at the touch of a button, all while you catch up on the latest TV series. For even more information, and opinions of customers who have already experience the FreeMotion® 790 for themselves, check Fitness Blowout’s reviews.