Mental Health and Working Out, How Are They Related?

Everyone knows that working out can improve your physical being, but were you aware that physical exercise can also improve your mental capabilities? Within an hour of beginning to work out, the chemicals serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine, are released in the brain. These work as a sort of stress reliever for your mind, and last for several hours post-exercise. In extreme cases, such as running a marathon, the beneficial effects can be felt for over an entire day. The mental health benefits of exercise go beyond its immediate mood-boosting effects, however. The following effects occur over a duration of continued exercise:

  • Dedicating one’s self to a regular exercise routine increases overall memory capabilities.
  • Research suggests that aerobic exercise helps build new brain cells and decreases the amount of time it takes your brain to do work.
  • Taking a break during a long task to exercise helps improve focus and dedication to the job at hand. Try to stop every hour or so and go for a short jog, it will help your mind from becoming bored.
  • Addiction can be reduced, or even eliminated, if your brain is focused on achieving other goals. Dopamine, the “reward” chemical, is released when you consume the product you’re addicted to, making you feel good. This same chemical, however, is reduced during exercise.

This list is only a very small selection of the emotional and mental benefits that come from having a regular exercise routine. For more information, including how to start your perfect workout regimen today, read one of Fitness Blowout’s many articles. Their highly trained experts have studied the effects of exercise for years, and take great pride in passing the information down to those looking to get in shape. Don’t put off getting fit until tomorrow, getting started today is the hardest step to overcome.